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[11:30 PM, 10/3/2020] Rasel Vai Fb: Many people put their hands on their heads when they saw the electricity bill. How is so much money? He also asks such questions. When the electricity bill comes like this at the end of the month, whose head is right. If you don’t have AC or don’t use it, where are so many units burning?If some rules are followed, the cost of this bill will be reduced and natural resources will be protected. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required.
Not only the use of electricity but every day the amount of the bill keeps increasing due to some mistakes. Which can be reduced through some simple techniques. Let’s find out nowBe sure to turn off the switch after opening the mobile from the charger. This is a mistake we often make. Even in the case of AC, I do not turn off the switch many times after turning off with the remote. It also burns some extra units. Use LED for lighting. These lights use less circuit power than filaments. Look at the star rating when buying any electrical device. The higher the star rating of a device, the greater its ability to save units. Older wires and older devices consume more electricity. As a result, the amount of electricity bill increases. So buy a ten- to fifteen year old device or a modern and low unit cost device and its replacement. Turn off the AC after a while without turning on and off frequently. This will reduce the cost of electricity.Do not lower the AC temperature below 24 degrees. It costs more units. It is best to buy an inverter AC, but if you can’t afford it, keep the energy saving mode on.There are some rules to follow when refrigerating. Keep the fridge closed for one hour a day. The machine will also get rest, electricity will also be saved. There is no fear of wasting food in this one hour as it is cold inside the fridge. Do not keep food too hot in the fridge. Let cool a bit then put in the fridge. This will reduce the cost of electricity. Food must be covered when refrigerated. Otherwise the power consumption will be higher as the moisture on the top of the food will be drawn.

Serving all the devices according to the rules is like time. The device will be good and will draw less electricity.The demand for solar light is increasing in many places. You can arrange this solar system at a one-time cost to save electricity for life.
Power and Energy Week 2018 has started in Bangladesh. According to the information published on the occasion of Power Week, at present 20,000 MW of electricity is being generated.But how to reduce the bill by using the necessary electricity? Some of his suggestions were made by electrical engineers. News BBC Bangla.

Keep the switch off
If you do not use fans, lights, TVs, computers, always keep them switched off.Many times the bathroom or balcony lights are on. In order to prevent this from happening, the electricity bill is reduced considerably.The plug should be kept open if you do not use the machine or iron. If you do not use a computer or TV, put it in sleep mode or off.
Use of energy efficient equipment
Using energy bulbs or LED lamps reduces electricity consumption. A conventional lamp uses one hundred watts, while an energy lamp uses only 25 watts.Also now available inverter refrigerator, AC, washing machine. By using these equipments, it is possible to reduce the electricity bill by two thirds.
Controlled use of AC
The use of AC in the home is now a much more regular occurrence. But it is possible to reduce the bill if AC is used in a controlled manner.The temperature of the AC should always be kept at 25 degrees Celsius. The fan can be run by turning off the AC after it has cooled to a certain level.
Standard use of it
The electricity bill often depends on the connection and the cable. If the cable is of poor quality, if the connection is weak or shaky, it causes low voltage, which also increases the bill.
Use of alternative equipment
You can use the oven without using a microwave oven to cook or heat food at home. Slow cooker or toaster can be used.Food ice can be removed by placing it in water without defrosting in a microwave oven. If you do not use the hot water setting in the washing machine, the electricity bill will come down.
Stay within the limited phase of electricity
Depending on the use of electricity, different bills come in each step. For example, according to DPDC or DESCO tariff, if one’s electricity usage is limited to 75 units, then the bill will come at the rate of Tk 4 per unit. But the bill for 8 to 200 units will come at the rate of Tk 4.45.The third stage is from 201 to 300 units. In that case the bill will come at the rate of 5.60 rupees.
[11:30 PM, 10/3/2020] Rasel Vai Fb: Bills from 301 units to 400 units will come at the rate of Tk 6.02 per unit. From 401 to 600 units the bill rate is 9 rupees 30 paise. If it is more, the bill per unit will be 10 rupees 60 paise.
In other words, if the use of electricity can be limited to less steps, the bill will also come down.Use of natural energy
Now the use of solar power in multi-storey buildings has been made mandatory by the power distribution companies.
Where there is power shortage or high load shedding, they can also use solar power.
A few electrical items responsible for raising the bill
Do you know the price of electricity per unit in the country? Dhaka Power Distribution Company Limited – According to the information given by BPDC, for the first 50 units of electricity you will have to pay the bill at the rate of Tk 3.50 per unit. And if you use more than 50 units in any way, then you will have to count the bill from 0 to 65 units at the rate of 4 rupees per unit. As the unit grows, so will the price per unit. And with that there is demand charge, VAT etc. So the most effective way to avoid extra bills is to reduce electricity costs.
There is no shortage of electrical appliances in our daily lives. It can be understood only by looking at the condition of everyone during load shedding. So we have to consume a good amount of electricity every month. But what are the materials that draw the most current? Let’s find out about expensive electrical appliances like fridge, AC or water pump –
Refrigerator or fridge
TVs, fans, lights, ovens or computers, no matter how much these electric appliances draw electricity, they last for a certain period of time. For example, in winter the fan may not work, the oven may only work when the food is heated, the lights are usually on at night. But of the few items that last 24 hours a day, the main one is the food fridge or deep freezer. Think for yourself, when did you turn off your fridge if it wasn’t damaged or without cleaning time? And it is normal to consume a lot of electricity from such a continuous running device. A refrigerator can use 250 to 600 units of electricity per year depending on the variety. So be careful when using the fridge. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items
If possible, replace many old refrigerators with new ones. In relatively new technology, the fridge uses less current.
Do not allow ice to freeze in the deep freezer. If the ice layer accumulates on the skin, the efficiency of the fridge decreases and the power consumption increases. It is better to clean it when the ice has accumulated to a quarter of an inch or half a centimeter.
Learn to use the refrigerator thermostat. The same temperature may not be needed inside the fridge all the time. So you can reduce the current bill by raising or lowering the temperature inside.
Do not leave the fridge door open for long. Even, make it a habit to keep things in the fridge so that you know what is inside the fridge before you open it.
Air conditioner or air conditioner
The name of the person who takes the responsibility of raising the electricity bill in the sky right after the fridge is AC. By definition, our country is temperate. So even a few days ago, our country did not have as much AC as it is now. As human humanity and endurance have changed over time, so has the price of affordability and AC. So now one or more ACs can be seen in the house. But after reducing the price, it is seen that the infinite value is getting lower. So the electricity bill is coming from AC. How to reduce AC bill?
Check the ACT once a year or at regular intervals by an experienced technician. Having proper fluid level, coolant charge and insulation is very important for AC.
Turn off the parts of the room that allow air to enter but are not commonly used (such as ventilators).
Install the insulator in the room very well so that heat does not come in from inside or outside. Then once the house is cold, you can keep the AC off for a long time. This will reduce the cost of electricity a lot.
Water vapor is one of the main causes of extreme heat in our country. It is more prone to moisture or humidity. A dehumidifier is a device that reduces humidity. In our country, it may not be very popular in the home yet, but it would not be a surprise to see a device that reduces the humidity in the house in a few years in the extreme heat and humidity. And this dehumidifier can greatly increase the power consumption.
Water heaters, pumps, washing machines etc.
Another major cost of electricity bills is water. Winter in our country is not very cold but many people are seen to use water heaters. This heater draws a lot of electricity in a very short time. As a result, the bill also increases a lot.
Heaters may be used less often but water pumps are used every day. And this pump also takes a lot of money out of your pocket just for the electricity bill.
Now many people in Dhaka are seen using washing machines which is another big source of electricity bill. The way to reduce the bill is to use them moderately.
In modern times there is no way to survive without electricity. But as the cost of living increases day by day, the issue of electricity cost has to be kept in mind. That is why we should always be careful about the amount of electricity consumed by different electrical components. How did you get the results using these tips? Let us know in the comments what other ways you can use to reduce the electricity cost of your home.

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